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recipe name : saudi arabia kabsa rice and meat in the oven recipe . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 20/03/2015.

saudi arabia kabsa rice and meat in the oven recipe

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Kilogram of meat bone + sliced onions +3 potatoes cut into cubes + clove of garlic sliced + frozen peas + basmati rice washed and soaked + tomato sauce + salt + cinnamon +cumin + Black Pepper + turmeric + meat spices + bay leaf+cinnamon poles + Lemon juice + white vinegar + oil
Put in a dish sauce, lemon, vinegar, salt, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper, meat Spices, turmeric, bay leaf and garlic

Mix ingredients then add meat

mix the meat with the marinade

And then put it in a bag of barbecue and tied it well and open a small hole
And put it in a griddle

And put it into the oven until it cooked

Fry potatoes in oil

comb out the potatoes from the oil and leave it aside

Fry sliced onions

comb out the onion slices from oil and add a cup of peas at the last five minutes

Add potato cubes, cinnamon and turmeric and mix them

Cook the white rice in the normal way

Add the onion mixture and potatoes on the surface
cover the pot a little bit until it has the mixture smell

arabic food recipes in english