arabic food recipes in english

recipe name : lamb grilled eid ul adha recipe in english . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 20/03/2015.

lamb grilled eid ul adha recipe in english

The sacrifice are slaughtered and flay and the meat dedicated to grill cut into large volumes

Wash the meat well


Arab spices + turmeric + red pepper + salt + white vinegar

Wash the viscera ( almkrasha) well with vinegar and rubbed with turmeric

Wash Cordia myxa leaf and comb out the water from it

The tin paper is equipped

mix the arab spices and the red pepper

Rubbed the meat with the marinade mixture

put little of
cordia myxa leaf and lemon on the tin

Then put the meat and lemon and wrapped it well

Put the special barbecue baskets

Wrapped the basket well to drop the meat

The set fire on Tannour and wait until it becomes coals of

basket is then put in Tannour

And cover it for the next day

Settled the ground and sprayed with water

The meat isput in the evenning time and extract at noon in the next day

Here tannour is opened to extract the meat

arabic food recipes in english