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recipe name : easy potato chicken creamy stew recipe with pictures . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 04/04/2015.

how to cooking easy potato chicken creamy stew recipe step by step with pictures

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Chicken breasts cut into cubes +1 white onion sliced + green bell peppers sliced + potatoes cut into cubes then fry it + baulk cream + salt + black pepper + coriander powder + cube of Maggie + cup of water + cooking cream + olive oil + coriander powder

Fry onions in small amount of oil

Add the chicken breasts fry and flip it until they are cooked

Add the bell pepper to the chicken mixture

And cube of Maggie , salt and black pepper

And water , leave it on a low heat till chicken is cooked

Add the fried potatoes and Whisking cream

And leaves a little bit on the fire until ingredients are mixed and the sauce thickens

In the last Add coriander powder, flip it for for a while then remove it from the fire

arabic food recipes in english