arabic food recipes in english

recipe name : chicken majboos rice with yogurt recipe . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 15/04/2015.

how to make easy middle eastern chicken majboos rice with yogurt recipe step by step with pictures

Ingredients rice (500 gram) washed and soaked for half an hour + 2 chicken cut into two halves +170 gram yogurt tray + tomato paste + 2 onions cut into small cubes +1 teaspoon of crushed garlic + � teaspoon of mashed ginger + full spices (gram masala) +4 Hot green peppers + 2 large tomatoes, cut into small cubes without peel + oil + a cube of Maggie + Arab spices + turmeric +red pepper + Black pepper + cumin + hot water
heat few of oil in a saucepan and and put full spices and fry them Add garlic, onion and ginger and fry the mixture tomato paste , Hot peppers and all the spices then stir the mixture put the chickens and stir with the mixture and leave it on fire for 5 minutes

Then add the tomatoes, yogurt and hot water

Leaves until boiling, then cover and leave it on medium fire until chickens are cooked

Raise chickens and put in the oiled oven tray Grill chickens in a pre-heating oven from both sides

Filter the rice from soaking water , and put it in the marinade And leave it to boil at high heat and then less the degree of heat and leave it until the rice is cooked

arabic food recipes in english