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recipe name : balaleet kuwaiti recipe with pictures . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 16/04/2015.

how to make easy al balaleet kuwaiti recipe step by step with pictures
balaleet recipe arabic sweet noodles vermicelli

Ingredients balaleet recipe

Vermicelli bag + cup of sugar + a sprinkle of cardamom + a sprinkle of saffron + � cup of of oil + water + 2 eggs

How make balaleet recipe

Boil water on the fire

Put the oil in a pan and fry the vermicelli with constant stirring

Then add hot water and let it boil until notice that the vermicelli become soft

Then filtered well of water

Then put in a saucepan over low heat

Add the sugar and stir over low heat

Then cardamom, saffron and a few of rose water as desired

stir the vermicelli until sugar disappear

Then leave it on low heat for a little bit

Fry the eggs by the usual way

arabic food recipes in english