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recipe name : homemade lime pickles recipe . add by : Maryam Mohammed . recipe date : 20/04/2015.

how to make easy homemade lime pickles recipe step by step with images
lime pickles

Ingredients :

yellow thin skin limes
coarse salt
olive oil
saffron, optional

Method :

Slice an X into the limes but don't go all the way through, leaving the quarters connected.
Generously stuff the lime with coarse salt, and arrange them in a sterile seal-able container.
If using saffron, sprinkle lightly between the layers.
Fill the container with the lime, seal, and let stand at room temperature for two to three weeks.
The rigidity of the limes will have been broken down, and the salt will have release a lot of juice from the limes.
Pour olive oil enough to completely cover the limes.
Let stand at room temperature for another two or three weeks.
Store in the refrigerator (or in cooler weather, at room temperature) for two months before consuming and incorporating into recipes.

arabic food recipes in english