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recipe name : homemade licucumber dill pickles recipe . add by : Maryam Mohammed . recipe date : 20/04/2015.

how to make easy homemade licucumber dill pickles recipe step by step with photos
cucumber dill pickles

Ingredients :

3 kg small cucumbers
2 Tbsp sugar
1 cup salt
2 cups vinegar
6 cups water
2 lemons
1 bunch dill
2 heads garlic

Method :

Wash cucumbers and cut into our strips, keeping the head intact.
Generously salt the cucumbers, and let them stand vertically in a colander in the sink over night to drain as much water as possible.
Bring the water, vinegar, sugar, and cup of salt to a boil, set aside to cool.

Wash the lemons and cut into thin wedges.
Peel the garlic and separate into cloves.
Proceed to place a stem of dill in each cucumber, then arranging the cucumbers snugly in a large sterile jar.
Place the lemon wedges and garlic cloves randomly around the cucumbers.
Pour the slightly cooled water-vinegar mix over the cucumbers in the jar to completely cover by an inch or more.

Set aside in a cool dark place for 14 days.
The chlorophyll in the cucumbers will disintegrate, changing the color from a vivid green to a muted dull green.
Store in the refrigerator, and take out as needed.
The jar, if stored properly, will easily keep in the refrigerator for several months.
Perfect in sandwiches and as an accompaniment to grilled meats

arabic food recipes in english