arabic food recipes in english

recipe name : homemade chicken keema recipe . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 10/05/2015.

how to make best easy middle eastern homemade chicken keema recipe with step by step with photos


2 chicken cut to 8 parts + 2 onions clip into small cubes +4 cooking oil + 2 tablespoons of margarine +1/2 lemon juice +1 tray of chickpeas+ sprinkle of saffron + a tablespoon of turmeric + a teaspoon of spices + a teaspoon of black pepper + 2 cup of water + a cube of Maggie +1/2 tablespoon of crushed red pepper + 2 clove of garlic, crushed

Fry onions with oil and ghee

Add garlic and stir the mixture

Add chicken and stir the mixture

Add all the spices and stir the mixture well

Add lemon juice and water

And leave it until the mixture cooked for 20 minutes

Finally, add the chickpeas and leave it for 5 minutes

arabic food recipes in english