arabic food recipes in english

recipe name : arabic chicken thareed recipe . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 10/05/2015.

how to make best easy arabic chicken thareed recipe with step by step with photos


chicken(2) cut and seasoned and fried in oil, then filtered and put aside + cut onions into small cubes +3 garlic grated + 2 Lome + 2 tomato cut into small pieces + tomato paste + spices mixed + turmeric + black pepper + salt according to taste + cumin +red pepper

Vegetables: Potatoes + Eggplant + carrots + bell pepper + zucchini

Oil + hot water + ground cardamom + Tandoor bread

How make arabic chicken thareed :

Fry the onion and garlic in oil until it takes the color red

Add the tomatoes, tomato paste, spices, lemon, salt according to taste and stir the mixture

Add the chicken pieces and fry the mixture on low heat for 5 minutes

Then cut vegetables and add them to the chicken with hot water and leave the mixture on fire for half an hour until chicken pieces are cooked

Cut bread and put in a dish and pour marinade with chicken and vegetables decorate as desired

arabic food recipes in english