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recipe name : potato samosa recipe . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 13/05/2015.

how to make best easy middle eastern homemade potato samosa recipe step by step with images

potato samosa Ingredients :
onions cut into cubes + garlic cloves, crushed +4 potato cut into cubes + 2 cup of Mash soaked in water + 2 package herb + 2 tablespoon of liquid cheese + mixed spices + Curry + salt to taste + olive oil + Samosas dough + scrambled eggs

Boil potatoes and mash until they are cooked and then filtered the mixture

Fry onions in oil until it tender

And add the garlic and stir it

Then add the onion and the mash

Add the spices and salt to taste and stir the mixture

Add the cheese and stir the mixture over low heat

Then add the herbs into the mixture and stir the mixture and then remove the pot from the fire

Put the filling inside the samosas and put eggs at the remaining part sticks it well

And fry it in the oil or an oven

arabic food recipes in english