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recipe name : znoud el set arabic sweets recipe . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 19/05/2015.

how to make best easy middle eastern homemade znoud el set arabic sweets recipe step by step with pictures

znoud el set Ingredients

Klaj dough +3 cup of liquid milk +4 tablespoons of sugar + 3 tablespoons of starch + box of Qeshta (cream) + 2 tablespoon of the rose water oil

Paste mixture: Flour and water

Adornment: sweet syrup + crunched pistachios

Put in a pot milk , sugar and starch then mix the mixture

Then remove from the fire with continuous stirring until it is thicken

Remove from heat and add the cream , the rose water and stir it until components integrate

cut Alkalaj chips into long slices

Take three slices and divide it in two parts and put the slices as (+) plus

Then put a tablespoon of stuffing on it

Close both ends of the rectangle crosswise

Then roll the dough and affix it with a mixture paste

Fry in a large amount of oil until golden

Lifted and put it on the oil absorbent paper and then put the sweet drink then filtered it and adorned with pistachio

arabic food recipes in english