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recipe name : the best chocolate tart arabic recipe in english pictures . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 26/11/2015.

how to make the best chocolate tart arabic recipe in english pictures


Cup of flour + cup of bitter cocoa powder + sprinkle of salt + three quarters mold of butter + a teaspoon of baking powder + three quarters cup of sugar +2 eggs + two-thirds cup of liquid milk

Cupcake tray oiled and sprinkled with flour
Mix the sugar and butter until the mixture becomes creamy

Mix the liquid ingredients and mix the dry ingredients

Add the liquid ingredients and mixing continue the mixture

Add the dry ingredients and continue mixing the mixture

Distribute the mixture into the molds

Put the molds in preheated oven a third of to half an hour

leave the cupcakes after baking to cool down

Ingredients for the filling

A box of cream + envelope of whipping cream + envelope of cream caramel +2 pieces of melted Galaxy + the rest of the cake crumbs

Empty the cupcakes

Put the filling ingredients and cake crumbs in a blender and mix

Put the stuffing in the the cupcakes so filled with it

To adorn

Mini Oreo or normal Oreo Crushed + Maltesers + Snickers sliced + Hershey

And decorate with Maltesers and Oreo and Snickers and Hershey

Put the cupcakes in the refrigerator for an hour

arabic food recipes in english