arabic food recipes in english

recipe name : tart recipe step by step with pictures . add by : frooha uae . recipe date : 27/12/2015.

how to make easy biscuit tart recipe step by step with pictures


The basis: 2 cups of tea biscuit ,ground + a can of cream + half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon + 2 tablespoon of powdered sugar

cream: 300 grams of Philadelphia cheese + half a can of sweetened milk to large size +200 grams of sour cream + a can of cream 160 grams + a teaspoon of liquid vanilla + tablespoon of gelatin dissolved in cup of hot water

To adorn: Strawberry + Pistachio

Mix ingredients until the base becomes easy configuration paste

Put the dough in the tart mold as in the picture

Put tart in a preheated oven from above and below until the biscuits are toasted a little

Then take out and leave the tart to cool down

Mix the cream ingredients until they are mixed

Pour the mixture on the biscuits

Put tart in the refrigerator for two hours

Then decorate the tart with strawberries and pistachios

arabic food recipes in english