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recipe name : crepe roll stuffed recipe . add by : hind alfawzan . recipe date : 30/07/2023.

haw to make crepe roll stuffed recipe in english at home

crepe roll stuffed ingredients and Method :

To make crepe dough

We put in the blender

- A cup and a half of white flour. "It can be replaced with brown."

Two cups of liquid milk.

- A tablespoon of sugar. It can be dispensed with, or replaced with a natural sweetener.

- Two eggs.

- One tablespoon vanilla.

- A pinch of salt.

Put it all in the blender and mix it

Then bake the crepe

Then we stuff the crepe

First filling:

Nutella + Kinder.

Second filling:

Cream cheese + strawberry jam + crushed digestive biscuit.

- I rolled it up

I decorated it with powdered sugar, strawberries, biscuits, and chocolate

Bon appetit

arabic food recipes in english