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recipe name : lentil soup arabic recipe . add by : hind alfawzan . recipe date : 31/07/2023.

how to make lentil soup arabic recipe in english at home

Lentil soup with vegetables

Ingredients and method for making lentil soup arabic :

- In a little olive oil, sauté:

Cumin seeds + mustard + curry leaves

A chopped onion

Then the garlic cloves

- A pinch of spices (salt, cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, curry)

- Add (potatoes + carrots + pumpkin + tomatoes + red bell pepper)

Then we add two kinds of lentils, yellow and orange

Get excited together

Then we put boiling water .. or chicken broth ..

Leave until leveling
Then add a little cream and a piece of cheddar cheese

Then we grind vegetables and lentils

Finally, a little lemon juice

Bon appetit

arabic food recipes in english