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recipe name : grilled fish recipe arabic style homemade . add by : hind alfawzan . recipe date : 24/08/2023.

how to make grilled fish recipe arabic style homemade in english at home

grill sea bass in oven with vietnamese rice

* Ingredients and method for grilled sea bass fish fillet in the oven :

- Pieces of sea bass fish fillet

- Season with olive oil, salt and black pepper.

- Enter the oven at 190 degrees from the bottom for 20 minutes, - or according to the size of the piece -

Grease with a mixture of

Butter + maple syrup + soy sauce + garlic paste + Chinese BBQ sauce

Origin: miso paste.

- We put it in the oven on the top shelf, and the fire from the top when it becomes golden

To make the Vietnamese rice:

Sauté onion cubes in a little oil and butter until golden

Add a splash of:

Cumin + saffron + dried coriander + dried mushroom powder

Then the rice

And we mix them together.

- Add chicken broth

We leave it until it is completely level

Serve the grilled fish with rice, red chili rings 🌶, wild thyme leaves, and a slice of lemon.

Bon appetit

arabic food recipes in english