arabic meat soup recipe

arabic meat soup recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 20/03/2015

arabic meat soup recipe with pictures

Meat well washed + minced onion + onion cut into quarters + olive oil + grated garlic + grated ginger + tomato cut into small piece+ potato + water + chilly pepper +2 spicy Pepper + zucchini + one cubic of Maggie + tomato sauce + mixture of spices + turmeric + Black Pepper + red Pepper + ground cardamom + salt
Boil the meat with water and then lift what appears on the surface of the water and put the onion quarters
Cover the pot and leave it on the fire until cooked
Raise meat from broth and set it aside and keep the broth
Cut vegetables as desired

Fry onions in a little bit of oil until it takes the red color
Then add the garlic, ginger and fry the mixture

Then the tomato pieces and fry the mixture until the tomato pieces wither
Then the pieces of meat
Add the spices , Maggie and salt as desired
And vegetables, tomato paste, broth and let them boil until vegetables is cooked