syrian shish taouk recipe oven
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syrian shish taouk recipe oven

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 05/04/2015

how to cooking easy syrian shish taouk chicken recipe oven step by step with pictures


Shish Taouk roast and cut into cubes + minced onion + garlic sliced + oil + grated carrots + chopped parsley + chopped coriander + salt + pepper + ground cumin

Sauce: carton of cream + 3 tbsp of liquid cheese + 2 tbsp of mayonnaise + potatoes, cut into cubes and fried

mix the sauce and then put it aside

fry the onions and garlic with a small amount of oil

Add shish, salt, cumin, pepper and carrots

Fry the mixture for a little bit

Add the coriander, parsley and two tablespoons of sauce

Mix together and then lifted from the fire

Put the fried potatoes pieces in the pyrex

Then the chicken mixture

Then put the sauce over the chicken

Put in the oven to grill it for a bit


Cup and half of flour + two packs of curdled milk + a sprinkle of salt according to taste

Knead the ingredients well

And leaves it for ten minutes

Divide dough for equal balls

Make your dough as a circular disk

Heated sheet and put upon it the dough and flips it until it is bake