lamb mandi recipe arabic rice

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 20/03/2015

lamb mandi recipe arabic rice
Lamb meat according to the number of people + washed rice soaked with water + onions +grated garlic + Spicy Pepper + tomato + water + Chilly pepper cut into cubes + soft spices + black pepper + salt + Cinnamomum verum + Alpinia + grain cardamom + Black lime + cinnamon + grated carrots

Flavoring the meat with the soft spice and the lemon juice
Put the meat in a especial strainer for pressure cooker

Then add the rest of the ingredients except the rice

set the strainer at the top of the pot taking into consideration not to make the strainer reach to the water
Cover the pot and leave it on the fire until it cooked
comb out the rice from water

After the maturation of meat lift the strainer
Then add the rice to the broth

set the meat strainer
Cover the pot and leave it on low heat until rice cooked