thareed saudi arabia recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 21/03/2015

how to cooking thareed saudi arabia recipe step by step with pictures
Pieces of mutton meat + 3 minced onions + 2 large potato, chopped + olive oil + teaspoon of garlic + ½ teaspoon of ginger + box of tomatoes Pieces + tomato paste + Indian Paper + hot peppers + water + Arabic spices + turmeric + Pepper Red + Black Pepper + salt
Fry onions in a little oil until it tender
Then add the garlic and ginger and fry them
Add the pieces of meat and fry it well
And add all spices
Move all ingredients to the a pressure cooker and add water, tomato paste and tomato Pieces
Then cover the pot and leave it on fire until the meat is half-baked
Add the potatoes, chili and Indian paper and salt as desired and leaves it until the meat is mature
Cut the bread
Then add the broth and mixbread with it for a little bit , then add the meat