arabic food recipes in englishmiddle eastern meat recipeskofta dawood basha recipe step by step with pictures

kofta dawood basha recipe step by step with pictures

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 22/03/2015

how to cooking easy homemade kofta dawood basha recipe step by step with pictures
Half a kilo of minced meat balled and leave in the refrigerator + minced onion + parsley + spices + sumac + pine +2 beads of minced onions +2 soft garlic clove + 1 cubic of Maggie + 2 tomatoes, chopped + tomato paste + Paprika + pomegranate molasses large spoon + tomato carton + salt + parsley
Fry pine in olive oil and put aside
Fry the meatballs in the same pan
Then left it aside
Fry the onions in the same pan

Then add the garlic and fry it with onions
Add tomatoes and Maggie and fry them until the tomatoes wilt
Add the canned tomatoes and the catron of tomato paste
And paprika ,spoon pomegranate molasses and salt and leaves it for a little time to hold together
Add the meatballs
Mix ingredients together
Pour in Pyrex
Enters in preheated oven at the bottom then grill the top
while serving decorate it wit pine and parsley
500 grams of rice washed and soaked in water + half cup of vermicelli + oil + salt
Boil the rice in water added to it salt
Fry the vermicelli with oil
When rice becomes half-baked add to it vermicelli
When the rice is cooked filter it
And brought it back to the cooker
Cover the pot and leave it on low heat until it evaporates