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chinese meat recipe step by step with pictures

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 22/03/2015

how to cooking easy homemade chinese meat recipe step by step with pictures

Zucchini, cut into sticks + onions sliced + carrots cut into sticks + bell pepper cut into sticks + steaks + barbeque sauce + soy sauce +3 tbsp oil + 3 tbsp flour + cup of warm water +2 spoon barbeque sauce +2spoon tomato paste + Accessories green onions clip
added to the meat 2 tablespoons of barbecue sauce and 1 spoon of soy sauce
Stir and leave for half an hour

Put oil in the pan and add the onion and stir it until it tender
Add the vegetables and stir them for ten minutes while maintaining their shape
Raise vegetables from the fire and put aside
Put a tablespoon of oil in the cooker and put on the fire and then add the marinated meat
And stir it and cover the pan and leave it for ten minutes until meat cooked and liquids dry

Put oil and flour, barbecue sauce and 2 tablespoons of tomato paste and water then stir them

Then add the meat on sauce
And vegetables and stir the sauce and leave it on fire to boil a little