uae beef kabsa recipe

uae beef kabsa recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 22/03/2015

how to cooking easy homemade uae beef kabsa recipe step by step with pictures


Meat +2 beads of clip onions +2 potato clip + green peppers clip + washed and soaked rice in water added to salt

spices: salt + pepper medley + turmeric + Black Pepper + spices meat + full spices + lemon crusty + water + oil

Boil the meat with whole spices and various crushed spices and lemon crusty

Cover the pot and leave it on the fire until meat cooked
Fry the potatoes in small amount of oil
When they start mature Add onions
Then add the pepper and fry it
And spices and salt as desired
Add the meat and fry the mixture
Leaves on fire to hold together for 5 minutes only
Add the rice to the mixture after filtered water
Add the broth of boiled meat and adjusting the amount of salt
Cover the pan and reduce the fire until the rice is cooked and the water dries up