uae kabsa with lamb roast recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 29/03/2015

how to cooking easy uae kabsa with lamb roast recipe step by step with pictures


Hot water to cook + White Pepper + Paprika + turmeric + cumin +2 cloves of grated garlic +2 tablespoon of olive oil + smooth chopped coriander +2 tablespoon of ketchup + salt as desired + grated carrots + rice washed and soaked in water for half an hour
Special strainer for a pressure cooker

Season the meat with spices except salt and put it in the refinery

Add the hot water in a pressure cooker and put a little of the complete spices

refinery put in a pressure cooker, taking into account the non-arrival of water meat

Cover the pressure cooker and simmer until cook

Raises the meat and put in the oven tray with oil

Mix ketchup, garlic and a little of olive oil, coriander and salt as desired

Distributes the mixture on the meat

Grill meat in the oven from both sides

Salinization the meat broth and add the grated carrots and leaves for boiling

Rice added after filtered it from water and leave boiling over low then reduce heat and leave until cooked