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baked chicken in the oven lebanese recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 06/04/2015

how to make easy baked chicken in the oven lebanese recipe step by step with pictures


2chicken cut into quarters +2 large potato, cut into rings + zucchini, cut into rings +2 tomatoes, cut into rings +2 onion cut into rings + pepper cut into rings + carrots cut into rings

Marinade: tomato paste + olive oil + salt + garlic + yogurt tray + hot pepper, crushed + turmeric + mixed spices +1 lemon juice

Mix the ingredients of marinade

Put the marinade on chickens

Put the chicken for two hours in the refrigerator

Put oil in the oven tray and then put the vegetables in it

Sprinkle the vegetables with salt and pepper

Put the chicken on top of vegetables and the rest of the marinade

cover the tray with tin

Put the tary in the oven for about an hour or until chicken is cooked

Remove the tin and fry the chicken from the top