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libyan simple chicken stew recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 06/04/2015

how to make easy libyan simple chicken stew recipe step by step with pictures


Chicken drumsticks +1 medium-sized onions +3 cloves garlic + red bell peppers + 1 tablespoon of red bell pepper paste + 1 teaspoon of red bell pepper paste + small salt a spoon + a small spoon of sweet condiment + a half small spoon of cinnamon + half small teaspoon of nutmeg +50 grams of butter +4 tomatoes, peeled and crushed + two tablespoons of chopped parsley + 2 tablespoons of toasted pine + cup water
chicken in the pot

Add butter, cinnamon, salt, sweet condiment, nutmeg and a cup of water

And the onions, garlic, pepper, sweet and chili pepper paste and the tomatoes

Cover the pot and leave it on a low heat for an hour and a half until it is cooked and flip it every half hour

Sprinkle the surface with the chopped parsley and the toasted pine