best syrian maqlooba recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 07/04/2015

how to make easy best syrian maqlooba recipe step by step with pictures
Meat pieces without bones according to family members + a quarter of spaghetti box broken into halves +2 cup of rice washed and soaked in water for half an hour +4 tomatoes boiled and peeled +2 tbsp of tomato paste +2 onions small clip +4 garlic cloves, grated +3 beads of potato cut into cubes and fried +6 beads of large eggplant sliced and fried in oil
complete Spices: cardamom + bay leaf + Black Pepper + cinnamon
Salt according to taste + mixed spices + turmeric + Black Pepper + ground cinnamon + ground black lemon +4 cup of hot water + oil
Boil the rice in salted water until it becomes a half unripe then filtered it

Boil the spaghetti in salted water and added to it oil until cooked then filtered it from water

Fry the meat in a little oil

Lift the meat and put it aside
Put the garlic, onion and complete spices in a saucepan and leaves them until the onion fry

Add the meat to the onion mixture
Then tomatoes and tomato paste
And spices and salt to taste
Stir the mixture and leave it on fire for 10 minutes, with stirring
Then pour the hot water and leave it on fire for an hour or until meat is cooked
Or using a pressure cooker for half an hour
Potatoes are placed and stir the mixture a little

Add the spaghetti to meat and flips

Put the eggplant in the inside and on the edges of the pot
Add the spaghetti and meat mixture into the pot and push it a little bit
Then add the rice, push it well

Cover and enters the oven for half an hour on the backburner