ruz and chicken and potatoes recipe with pictures
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ruz and chicken and potatoes recipe with pictures

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 12/04/2015

how to make easy ruz and chicken and potatoes recipe step by step with pictures


2 chickens, cut each one into quarters thoroughly washed and without skin + water for boiling + (cloves - cinnamon - beads of cardamom - mixed spices - black pepper - cumin - crushed coriander).

3 onions, cut into slices + spices mixed + � teaspoon of black pepper + ground cardamom + half a can of tomato paste + of cubic of Maggie + a cup of chicken broth

Boil chicken in water

Add (cloves - cinnamon - beads of cardmom - spices mixed - Black Pepper - cumin - crushed coriander) and boil for half an hour

Lift the chicken and put it aside

Fry onions in oil until it takes golden color

Then add the chicken pieces and fry

Then add the mixed spices, black pepper and crunched cardamom , tomato paste, turmeric and Maggie

Add the Cup of broth and leave it on fire until it thickens

boil rice in chicken broth and put salt to taste and let it until it is nearly cooked

Put in the bottom of the pan a layer of rice

Then a layer of the chicken mixture

Then a layer of rice

Cover the pot and leave it on a mid fire for 30 minutes


2 potatoes, cut into small cubes +2 onions cut into small cubes + oil for frying + bell pepper, colored + ground cardamom + a half spoon of black pepper + turmeric + Lome, crunched + salt

Fry potatoes with oil

Then put the onions and fry the mixture

Filter the mixture from oil

, Return the mixture to the pan and add the spices and peppers and flip the mixture

Pour the rice in a serving dish and sprinkle the filling on the face