chinese shrimp fried rice recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 11/05/2015

how to make best easy homemade chinese shrimp fried rice recipe step by step with pictures

Ingredients chinese shrimp fried rice :

Rice washed and soaked in water for half an hour + shrimp washed well + bell pepper colored cut into small cubes +1 teaspoon of grated garlic + ½ cup of sliced cabbage + Frozen mixed vegetables or freshly cut into small cubes +4 green onions cut to the rings + 2 Green Pepper Hot cut into small rings + 2 eggs + soy sauce + oil + salt + black pepper

Cook the rice in water added to itsalt and oil And leave the on the fire until it is ¾ cookedthen filtered

Fry the eggs in a small amount of oil until they hold together and then put it aside

Put in a saucepan a little oil, then fry the garlic and chili slightly

Then add the shrimp and fry the mixture until it is cooked

Sprinkle with salt and black pepper to taste, then stir the mixture

Put the cabbage and stir the mixture

And the colored bell pepper then stir the mixture

the vegetable mixture and then stir the mixture over low heat

And add the rice and soy sauce, then stir the mixture over low heat cautiously

Add eggs and green onions and stir the rice mixture cautiously

Cover the mixture and leave it on low fire