vegetarian samosa pastry recipe

vegetarian samosa pastry recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 13/05/2015

how to make best easy middle eastern homemade vegetarian samosa pastry recipe step by step with images

vegetarian samosa Ingredients :

Dough: 2 cups of flour White + � cup of flour Black + a spoon of sugar + pinch of salt +2 large spoon of oil + water

Filling: 1 onion cut into cubes +2 garlic cloves, crushed +1 potato cut into small cubes + frozen mixed vegetables + turmeric + latency + black pepper + Curry + Red Hot peppers + dry coriander

Knead the flour, salt, sugar and oil

Add water gradually until we get a dough hold together

Put the dough in a bowl and leave it for half an hour

Fry onions, garlic and potatoes in a small amount of oil

Add the spices and mixed vegetables and then fry the mixture over low heat

Then remove the mixture from the heat and leave it to cool down

Knead the dough lengthwise on a floured surface

The mixture distributed spaced and water is used to paste the dough

Then cover with the other dough then cutit with cutter, or as desired

Put pressure on the parts with a fork

Heat a large amount of oil and fry the samosas until it is cooked

Put samosas in the refinery or oil absorbent paper