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spinach lasagna with red sauce recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 25/05/2015

how to make best homemade cooking easy spinach lasagna with red sauce recipe step by step with pictures


A can of spinach lasagna

Ingredients for sauce

A kilo of minced meat + 2 glass of water + a teaspoon of garlic + a teaspoon of ginger + 2 onions cut into small cubes + 3 tomato mix with a blender + a cube of Maggie + tomato paste + a teaspoon of: Spices mixed + Salt + turmeric + red peppers + Black pepper

Add minced meat and stir on the fire until it is white in color

Then add the chopped onion

And fry the onions with meat until the onions tender

Then put garlic and ginger and fry them well

Then put all the spices and Maggie

Fry the mixture well

Add the sauce

And stir the the mixture a little

Add tomatoes

And stir the the mixture a little

Add water

Then let the mixture to boil a little

Then cover and leave the mixture over low heat until it is cooked

the form of meat

Ingredients for the bchamel

a glass of flour + a glass of powdered milk +4 glass of water + a teaspoon of nutmeg

Add all ingredients in a blender mix them for a little bit

Stir the mixture until it thickens

Put in Pyrex a tablespoon of Bchamel

Then put the meat sauce over the bchamel

Distribute the sauce mixture in the Pyrex well

Lasagna tha we use does not need to boil them

Distribute the lasagna pieces above the sauce

Then Distribute a tablespoon of meat sauce and bchamel over lasagna

Then repeat steps by putting pieces of lasagna

Then put the meat with bchamel sauce and mix them

Then repeat the steps as desired

And in the last put the bchamel sauce

Distribute the bchamel

Then put the tray in the the oven from the bottom and then fry from the top

For the face

Mozzarella cheese + cheddar cheese

grate the cheese in a dish

After fry the lasagna layer putthe cheese Then put the tray in the oven to fry it from the top

After taking out the tray from the oven