al- sayadieh recipe

al- sayadieh recipe

By: frooha uae
Recipe date: 29/05/2015

how to make best homemade cooking easy al- sayadieh recipe with pictures

sayadieh Ingredients

kingfish Fillets+ rice washed and soaked in water + a cube of Maggie + sliced fried onions + tomato paste + three cloves of garlic + oil for frying + water + mixed spices + crushed red pepper+ Salt + a teaspoon of ground black lemon + half a teaspoon of cinnamon + cumin

Season the fish with salt and cumin and mixed spices and red pepper

Put the fish in the refrigerator for an hour

Heat oil and fry the fish

Raising the fish from the oil and put it aside

Put the sliced onions and cumin, salt, black lemon and sauce and garlic and cinnamon, and Maggie

Mix the mixture well

Put the mixture in a saucepan

Put the mixture on the fire and let the mixture boil for a little bit

Put the rice after filtered it from water

Leave the rice on high heat, then reduce the fire

Cover the rice and simmer until it is cooked

Put the fish on the top of the rice

Cover the rice and fish and leave them on the fire for a little bit