emirati jasheed fish recipe

emirati jasheed fish recipe

By: umm abdullah
Recipe date: 22/07/2023

haw to make emirati jasheed fish recipe traditional food in uae with images
Al-Jashed is an Emirati dish consisting of fish crumbs with spices, parsley and black lemon. It is eaten with white rice.

It can be made with any white fish that is suitable for tuna

ingredients for making Emirati Al-jasheed :

Two fish, cut
1 onion cut small
1/2 kg chopped coriander
2 dried lemons, cut in half
1-2 hot green peppers
black pepper
1 tablespoon of tamarind

How make emirati jasheed fish :

Cook the fish in boiling water for a quarter of an hour to twenty minutes
Then we remove the bones and skin.

in a pot on fire
Fry onions with garlic in oil until golden
Then add the fish, green pepper and dry lemon and stir
After that we add the spices
(turmeric, black pepper, salt, bezar, tamarind)

Pour a tablespoon of water
And turn the fish with spices
And leave it on a quiet fire for ten minutes
And we start crumbling the fish when flipping.

Served with white rice, onions, Arabic ghee and lemon


Bon appetit