luqaimat emirati recipe

luqaimat emirati recipe

By: latifa masoud
Recipe date: 23/07/2023

how to make luqaimat emirati recipe

Luqaimat recipe in the month of Ramadan
A cup of white flour
1 teaspoon of powdered milk
1 teaspoon instant yeast
1 teaspoon of sugar
Quarter teaspoon of salt
Saffron for flavor and turmeric for colour
Black bean for flavour

The quantity is enough for about two people

The secret of crunchy luqaimat
The perfect bites for all of us that are crunchy on the outside and soft and soft on the inside. Some people would add custard or starch, but unfortunately the starch would make it dry on the outside and on the inside. But from my experience, I added in the ingredients as you saw powdered milk, which makes it soft and tender inside, and the secret that makes it crispy even after frying and even after it cools down is the oil. Do not be surprised by the oil and a very small amount, which is a tablespoon, like the pictures. It is not shown on the same amounts that I mentioned earlier..

how to make luqaimat dough

We start adding water gradually..

I added an amount of water until the dough became soft, but heavy and dead. I knead it with the tip of my hands so that it begins to merge

Then I added a second amount of water and kneaded it until it started to become more loose, as shown in the picture.

I added an extra amount of water with continuous kneading
It became softer. But it's still a little heavy and needs extra water

I reached the required size.

I added a simple pinch of turmeric because I like it to be yellow on the inside

Luqaimat dough needs to ferment until it doubles in size. And if you are in a hurry, wrap it in nylon well and put it in the microwave or oven and put a cup of hot water with it. The temperature of the rising water vapor makes it ferment in a faster and shorter time.

This is what the dough looked like after fermentation, its size doubled.

frying method

Luqaimat must be fried in semi-plentiful oil, at a medium to high temperature
And you can form it using the small spoon if you want it to be small, or by using your hands, and it will be larger
Dough balls, as soon as you put them in the oil, they will swell, as shown in the picture..

We try not to turn them over until the part touching the oil turns red well. We start turning them with a wooden spoon

We need to reach this golden degree and then start turning them over to ensure that the grains are tender from the inside

This is what the final Luqaimat looks like after frying

Luqaimat is sweetened only with delicious molasses

And don't forget the sesame seeds

Luqaimat from the inside is soft and juicy, with big holes, and a crunchy topping even after it cools down