how to cook okra with meat

how to cook okra with meat

By: hind alfawzan
Recipe date: 01/08/2023

how to cook okra with meat and potatoes stew recipe

Ingredients and method for cook okra with meat :

- In a little olive oil and on a quiet fire

Caramelize the onion slices

Then add a crushed garlic clove to it

Add in the blender with fresh tomatoes + tomato paste and mix

A little water can be added

In the same pot, brown the cubes of meat

Put the spices:

Black pepper, turmeric, coriander, meat spice, mixed spice, cinnamon

- Add the mixture of onions, garlic and tomatoes

- We leave it on fire

We can put more water

We cover it and let the meat level

If it is completely level, add:

salt, grill vinegar, half a teaspoon of sugar

And we add to it:

1. Fried potato cubes in the air fryer

2. Roasted okra in the oven

Her way:

Okra washed fine + its head cut off + and divided from the half. Sprinkle with a little olive oil + salt, black pepper and paprika

And we put the okra in the oven from below at 180 when it roasts

Leave them on fire for ten minutes

We serve the meat stew with potatoes and okra, sprinkled with fresh coriander

I served it with vermicelli rice..and maybe with bread