aish el saraya dessert recipe

aish el saraya dessert recipe

By: hind alfawzan
Recipe date: 05/08/2023

how to make aish el saraya dessert recipe arabic food in english at home

aish el saraya dessert with toast is delicious and easy

Ingredients aish el saraya dessert :

for the toast layer:

- Toast

- sugar

cream layer ingredients :

- 2 cups of water
- 2 cups of powdered milk
A cup of sugar
- 4 tablespoons starch
- 4 grains of Kiri cheese
Fresh cream...

For decoration:

- dried fruit
- Nuts

Method make aish el saraya dessert :

To make the toast layer:

Cut the toast into cubes and roast them in the oven

And we caramelize the sugar


Three tablespoons of sugar, left over low heat until caramelized

Then we add a little water to it about a quarter of a cup

And leave it to boil for a few minutes.. until we have a light caramelized syrup 👌🏼✨

Cream and starch layer:

mix Water, powdered milk, sugar, starch and kiri cheese

And stir on fire until it thickens

Then we put fresh cream in the end

Now we make aish el saraya

in the serving dish

First layer

Toasted toast and drizzled with caramelized sugar syrup

Then put a layer of cream mixture

Then repeat the layers of toast and then cream

Then decorate

We can decorate it with dried fruits..or pistachio slices and nuts

Serve as you like and cool in the fridge

Bon appetit